These classes are appropriate for:

·      absolute beginners
·      anyone who has had experience in other forms of yoga
·      anyone who has had some experience in Ashtanga but cannot remember the sequence
·      anyone who has had a break from practice and is not confident with the standing and finishing sequence

If you are new to the studio, see our frequently asked questions.

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Mysore Style Classes

In these classes, students practice the sequence given to them by their teacher, at their own pace, in a group setting with hands on adjustments by teachers. These classes have a flexible start and finish time within the time frame referred to in the timetable.

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Led Classes (approximately 2 hours)

These classes are open to those who have a regular Mysore practice and have been invited to attend the class. It is recommended that everyone who has been invited to these classes attend at least one class a week. If you are new to the studio, have a consistent Mysore practice and practice at least the full primary series you are welcome to join the class however we ask that you contact us prior to attending.

These classes are full primary and are at a demanding level and can run past the 2 hour time frame. Please ensure you are in the room ready to practice prior to the designated start time.